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The Australasian Subconscious-mind Therapists' Association (ASTA) is the only organisation of fully trained and qualified therapists who specialise in P.S.H. therapy. ASTA members are united in the desire to help clients help themselves to achieve the inner health, wellbeing and the quality of life they seek.  Our members are bound by the Association's strict Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct.  They have all been professionally trained, their work carefully assessed and they are required to participate in our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program.

P.S.H. (Private Subconscious-mind Healing) therapy is practised throughout Australia, helping people overcome anxiety, depression, PTSD and a wide range of other stress-related disorders.  See the About P.S.H. page for a partial list of symptoms commonly helped with P.S.H.

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The P.S.H. model of therapy is unique in that it respects the client's integrity and his/her own inherent healing ability.  It recognises that it is not necessary to reveal what is often intensely personal and private information in order for inner change to occur.

See the About P.S.H. page for more information.

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