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ASTA - The Professional Organisation for P.S.H. therapists


The Australasian Subconscious-mind Therapists' Association (ASTA) was established in March 1996 by a team of dedicated practitioners in order to monitor the standard of P.S.H. therapy being offered to the community by its members.

The objectives of the association are:

To maintain the highest level of professional integrity, ethics and standards of its members.

To oversee outcomes-oriented research (feedback) relating to the degree of successful change experienced by clients, and to assess the long term effectiveness of P.S.H. clinical practice.  See the Research page.

To provide education for the public on P.S.H. therapy and its emphasis on self-directed emotional healing.

To provide support and opportunities for ongoing professional development to its members.  This ensures that the highest professional standards are being maintained and is conducted through discussions, workshops, structured training programs and other relevant seminars. 

To protect and promote the professional interests of its members who specialise in the P.S.H. therapy modality.

ASTA is a non-profit organisation run by a dedicated team of members who are committed to the ongoing development of P.S.H. therapy.

It is formally structured with an elected Executive Board consisting of President, Secretary, Treasurer, State Representatives, Research Officer, Membership Officer, Publications Officer, Workshop Officer, Ethics Officer, PR Officer and Public Officer.


Current  President:

Jenny Meyers  Phone: 0418 307 001

Email: jenpsh1234@gmail.com



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