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Many therapies (and therapists) claim success rates that cannot be substantiated.  In conjunction with its accredited training schools, ASTA has access to a post-therapy evaluation program which monitors the therapeutic results of P.S.H. therapy to gain a more accurate evaluation of the effectiveness and to identify possible areas of improvement.  Any such areas identified are used to assist therapists and the therapeutic process itself as may be indicated.  This initiative helps to keep the P.S.H. model 'alive' and at the leading edge of effectiveness and professionalism.

  How is the CFP conducted?

Clients who agree to participate in the research program receive a confidential questionnaire approximately four months and twelve months after their final session of P.S.H.  Simple 'tick-box' responses are asked for, with the invitation for further comments if desired. Many people take the opportunity to provide other observations which add valuable information to our research database.  The survey takes between five and ten minutes for clients to complete, depending on how detailed their response is.  The form is returned in the reply paid envelope provided and clients remain completely anonymous unless they choose to add their name to the report.

 Please note: Therapists receive only statistical information and comments which do not identify the client.  Clients' contact details are removed from the data base, immediately upon completion of the second survey.

  What does the CFP research show?

Statistical summaries are compiled from the questionnaires returned by clients. The analysis of these results is distributed to participating P.S.H. therapists allowing them to compare their individual figures with the group data.  Therapists also receive an anonymous summary of comments written by clients.  The program is conducted by International Centre for Subconscious-mind Training & Research (Qld) - (I.C.S.T.R. (QLD) and data is primarily used by approved P.S.H. training schools to fine tune the training of future therapists.  It is of tremendous value during the therapists' compulsory, Professional Development Program. 

This research provides valuable information about the dynamics of therapeutic outcomes, particularly with respect to the types of issues clients present with, and both the short and long-term results of their therapy.  It has been very instrumental in guiding the evolution of P.S.H. and keeping it at the forefront of subconscious-mind therapy.


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