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Private Subconscious-mind Healing (P.S.H.) is revolutionary new form of healing which allows your subconscious mind to remove long-standing negative emotions.  These emotions - inhibiting, subconscious feelings - are often the underlying cause of a whole range of illnesses (both physical and emotional) and cannot be treated successfully by conventional means.

P.S.H. brings swift and permanent release of destructive subconscious emotions which are not touched during physical healing or the conscious-mind therapies.  It offers dramatic success with a wide range of problems, such as anger, emotional eating, depression, migraines, deep grief,

sexual dysfunction, smoking and other habit disorders.

Emotional Healing outlines the new understanding of the subconscious mind and demonstrates the power and effectiveness of P.S.H. therapy by drawing on actual case-studies.

'After her second session, in which she released a feeling she (Sandra) described as "hurt", she had no headache for the first time in years.  Headaches, diverticulitis, nightmares and insomnia were all things of the past'.

'She (Jill) told me later that she knew at that moment that these feelings were the direct cause of her need to smoke - smoking had merely been her way of "putting up a barrier against the world" and the hurt it had brought her.'

'When I returned after the therapy, even my children had remarked how calm I had become.  I don't rant and rave.  I can't loose my temper anymore, and it has restored my soul'.  Bette

Frank Wright has been in clinical practice for fourteen years and specialises in P.S.H. therapy.  He has lectured widely throughout Australia and New Zealand on the subject of subconscious mind since 1988 and is Principal Director of the Centre for Analytical Hypnotherapy Research and Training (Australasia).  Frank Wright specialises in training professional hypnotherapists, medical practitioners, psychologists and other health professionals in P.S.H  techniques.


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