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The time for change has arrived.  This book could well represent the most valuable literary contribution to human health that we have seen for many years.  Until recently, no area of health care has been so consistently neglected as the area of emotional health.  When you consider that the greater part of all of our actions, responses, feelings, general health and equilibrium are governed by our subconscious or 'inner mind', one needs no training in psychology to appreciate the enormous impact our subconscious, 'feeling mind' has on everyday health, happiness and harmony.

As a practitioner of subconscious-mind therapy for more than twenty years, it is inspiring for me to finally see a

publication such as this available to the general population.  Better still, the fact that it comes from the personal, practical experience of a clinician, rather than the philosophies and ideologies of a theorist, is indeed gratifying.  With the aid of  clear, uncomplicated language, readers will share both the agony and the ecstasy of Frank Wright's clients from the hundreds of case histories described (many in the client's own words) and gain a unique insight into the workings of the subconscious and the expertise of a caring, accomplished therapist.

You will not find one single, unsubstantiated claim.  Of the growing number of therapists utilising the techniques of Private Subconscious-mind Healing, not one could justify using the outdated subconscious-therapies of the past.  When indicated and used correctly, P.S.H. brings quick and permanent resolution to problems our clients have been struggling with unsuccessfully for many years.  In a time of rapidly increasing health-seeker dissatisfaction, P.S.H. holds the key to unlock thousands from their mental, emotional and often physical pain.  There is no longer any reasonable excuse for people to continue suffering the many personal problems discussed in this book.

As the twentieth century draws to a close and we look ahead to an exciting and in some ways uncertain future, the health of our planet and our people must take priority in the overall scheme of things.  I do not believe we can rationally separate these two areas of need.  It seems we are gradually becoming aware of our planet's ill-health and starting to rally to the cause.  That leaves the matter of people-health.  In a purely physical sense, we have this fairly well covered, as our medical experts continually find better ways of dealing with physical ailments.  No doubt our greatest challenge lies in an area so simple we have almost overlooked it.  That is the area of personal happiness.  We cannot be happy if we are struggling with relationship problems, overweight conditions, sleeping problems, emotional pain and many other issues so eloquently discussed in this book.  I believe we now have answers where there were none before.  For many I believe their answer can start right here.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I hope you do.

My greatest hope is that it will serve as a first step for many people desiring to bring truly enduring change into their personal lives.

Gregory L Brice

Registered P.S.H. Therapist




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