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Private Subconscious-mind Healing (P.S.H.) is the most up-to-date form of therapy available for helping people truly resolve problems of a subconscious nature. This gentle, effective therapy has been developed entirely in Australia and the current model practised here successfully for the past twenty years. It has helped thousands of people gain true, permanent, emotional and physical healing.

Healing Your Feelings describes how we create sickness, unhappiness and ill-health, and how we resolve these things with the help of P.S.H. It includes many case studies, both from the author’s practice and those of other P.S.H. therapists.

When asked how she felt at her second visit Maggie said, ‘Not that much different really, but I can now love and be loved’. Two weeks later she realised she had resolved the inner conflicts that contributed to depression, overeating and two broken marriages. She had spent fourteen years in psychotherapy for these problems. [p. 167]

‘I [Kelly] quickly booked a Queensland holiday in the excitement of this return to good health and had a fabulous time. I can’t explain how my mind was able to achieve this transformation.’ [p. 241]

At her [L’s] third session, two weeks later, her husband asked me, ‘Will these changes hold?’. He cried when I said ‘Yes’ and said, ‘You have given me my wife back’. [p. 256]

Greg Brice commenced private practice in 1973. He is the soleGreg Brice - Author remaining co-developer of P.S.H. and conducts a busy practice in Brisbane, Queensland. He is the Principal Director of the International Centre for Subconscious-mind Training & Research (Qld) — I.C.S.T.R. (QLD) — and has taught P.S.H. to students from all walks of life since 1990. He has presented papers and seminars on subconscious-mind therapy to Australian and New Zealand conferences and had several scientific papers published. He brings an extensive clinical experience to his practice, teaching and writing.


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