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THIS BOOK IS long overdue. For all of you who have read every self-help book on the shelves — you can stop searching now. For every young person who somehow doesn’t feel happy and comfortable inside — there is an answer.  For those of you who have struggled all your life with ‘something’ just not right and would like to spend your golden years feeling happy and at peace — there is a way.  For all the expectant mums who want to birth happily and confidently so that their baby enters this world comfortably — this book is a must.

In this book, the author reveals how many of life’s experiences continue to effect us, several years after the event. He discusses the intricacies of how we respond

automatically to subconsciously based problems and also how we have the ability to resolve these issues.

If you are looking at this book, perhaps there is a part of you that is not feeling good ó or perhaps you know someone who could benefit from reading this book. The following questions may help clarify things for you.  Would you like to feel really comfortable and happy inside?  Do you experience conflict between the way you are and the way you would like to be?  Did you know that if there is a part of you that can make you feel unhappy or uncomfortable, that part also knows why and how to change it?  Are you aware that unwanted feelings, responses or behaviours that canít be changed with conscious effort and will power, are usually the result of subconscious conflict?  Did you know that you can make changes quite privately, without conscious level trauma or discussion?  For over 20 years, thousands of Australians have been achieving permanent relief from problems they have struggled with unsuccessfully for years.  Although most people don’t realise it, everyone has the resources needed to quickly resolve subconscious conflict and tensions.  P.S.H. (Private Subconscious-mind Healing) has been developed specifically to help you utilize your subconscious resources.  P.S.H. helps you deal with the cause of your problems rather than merely helping you cope with the symptoms.  The bad news is that this is no magic therapy.  No one out there can make subconscious changes for you. The good news is — if you are at that stage in your life where you accept responsibility for the way you feel and really want to make changes, you can probably make those changes with the help of P.S.H.

This is not another self-help book. This book gives you an understanding of how you are able to heal your feelings from within; quite safely, privately and naturally, with the help of P.S.H.  As you read, you will realise there is now a wealth of scientific knowledge which supports the understandings Greg and his colleague Frank Wright, intuitively knew some 20 year ago.

Having practiced P.S.H. for over 7 years, I have often witnessed our ability to heal subconscious emotional discomfort and the resulting symptoms.  It never ceases to amaze me how people change, often so subtly, they are unaware of the gentle changes they are making. You too can make these changes with the help of P.S.H. therapy — if you want to!

I wish Greg well with his book, and I wish you the reader well, knowing you will reap the rewards as you begin to know and understand that there truly is a way of Healing Your Feelings.

Thank you Greg.

Janine E. Budgeon

Registered P.S.H. Therapist

Kenmore Qld. March, 2004








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