ASTA - The Professional Organisation for P.S.H. therapists



ASTA is a thriving and progressive organisation which has standards of excellence and quality of service as its very cornerstone.

The Association has an ongoing commitment to professional self-development, and all members are required to continually update and refine their clinical skills through the aid of meetings, seminars, discussion groups, workshops and appropriate training programs.

  Preliminary Criteria for All Levels of Membership

For a person to be eligible for membership, s/he must:

Provide detailed information about his/her training, previous work history and background, and sign the ASTA Code of Ethics.

Sit for a membership eligibility interview with an ASTA interview panel.

  Affiliate Membership

To be ratified as an Affiliate member, the applicant must:

Currently be enrolled in either of the following ASTA accredited schools:

International Centre for Subconscious-mind Training and Research (QLD)    or,

International Centre for Subconscious-mind Training and Research (Aust)

  Associate Membership

To upgrade to Associate member status, an applicant must:

Participate in the CFP program.  [See details on the About Research page]

Have completed the appropriate module of an ASTA accredited school.

An Associate member may advertise externally as a "P.S.H. Therapist", but not as a "Registered P.S.H. therapist" until Full membership is attained.

  Full Membership

To upgrade to Full membership status, an applicant must:

Complete the requisite number of client sessions (hours) and written requirements.

Have been aligned with an approved mentor and worked under supervision for a  period of no less than 12 months.

Have successfully graduated from an ASTA accredited training program.

Only a Full member of ASTA is a "Registered P.S.H. Therapist" and can use the acronym "MASTA" after his/her name.  Full members receive a Certificate of Membership which is issued every year and should be displayed to clients as proof of their membership status.

  Ongoing Registration as a Full Member

Registration occurs on an annual basis.

To maintain Full membership status, a therapist must participate in our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program.

  Other Membership Criteria

ASTA will accept P.S.H. therapists who have completed their training elsewhere, provided they meet all membership criteria and can demonstrate a sound understanding and working knowledge of current P.S.H. principles, protocol and clinical practice.

Membership will be considered on a case by case basis and enquiries should be directed to the Membership Officer.


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