Choosing a Therapist


ASTA - The Professional Organisation for P.S.H. therapists


ASTA provides a referral list of fully qualified P.S.H. therapists.  The following information may be helpful when initiating contact with a therapist.

First Phone Contact:

Therapists will usually not take phone calls when they are in session and you should therefore be prepared to leave a message if necessary.  If you hear a recorded message, be sure to leave your contact details slowly and clearly, and repeat your phone number.  The therapist will return your call as quickly as possible.  Phone messages can always be left with assurance of confidentiality.

More Than One Choice:

When there is more than one ASTA member in your local area, you may wish to speak with several and then consult with the one with whom you feel most comfortable.  ASTA members are happy to cross-refer to professional colleagues, as the client's needs are always regarded as paramount.

Making Appointments:

Once you have spoken to a therapist with whom you feel comfortable, s/he  will provide all the information you require in relation to your appointment.  In most cases, doctor's referrals are not required to consult a P.S.H. therapist.  On rare occasions, the therapist may want to speak with your doctor if there is a possibility of medical complications.  This can only be done with your approval.


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